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Change Subclipse (SVN) authentication and certificate in Windows XP

Since we rely on VMWare images to do our development we have run into this issue several times. After cloning a virtual image for a new developer you discover that your Subversion credentials are still saved in Eclipse or Rational Application Developer ((aka RAD) aka WSAD). To handle this we added a step in our cloning procedure to clear out save credentials so the next developer can enter their own. If you find yourself wondering how you could change your username, password and certificate for Subclipse you may find this helpful.

Change Subclipse authentication and certificate:

  1. Close Eclipse or RAD/WSAD
  2. Navigate to the following directory replacing {User} with your Windows logon id.
    C:\Documents and Settings\{User}\Application Data\Subversion
  3. Delete all files under the Subversion directory
  4. Open Eclipse or RAD/WSAD
  5. Synchronize with your SVN repository
  6. If prompted click Accept Permanently to trust the certificate
  7. When prompted enter your Subverion user id and password

Annoying Remote Desktop Limitation

If you have ever received the error “The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections” when using Windows you know it means that unless you have physical access to the server you are probably locked out. After struggling with this issue on several occasions I decided to see if there was a way to get around this using Windows XP.

The issue occurs when a user opens a remote desktop connection to a server that isn’t licensed for terminal services. Once the session is active it will remain so until the user logs off of the Windows session. Closing the remote desktop session without logging off leaves the connection open. The limit for the number of simultaneous Remote Desktop users is two sessions.

To solve this problem you can log into a special session called the Console Session in order to Log Out and end the sessions of the other connections. This will allow you to Remote Desktop to the server again once completed.

1. To begin, open up a Windows command prompt.

2. To open up the Console Session type the following command, replace xx.xx.xx.xx with the ip address of the computer you wish to remote desktop to.mstsc /v:xx.xx.xx.xx /console

This will connect you to the Console Session on the server. Use this session to properly terminate the other two active sessions using the terminal services manager.

More information about the console session can be found here,