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Change Subclipse (SVN) authentication and certificate in Windows XP

Since we rely on VMWare images to do our development we have run into this issue several times. After cloning a virtual image for a new developer you discover that your Subversion credentials are still saved in Eclipse or Rational Application Developer ((aka RAD) aka WSAD). To handle this we added a step in our cloning procedure to clear out save credentials so the next developer can enter their own. If you find yourself wondering how you could change your username, password and certificate for Subclipse you may find this helpful.

Change Subclipse authentication and certificate:

  1. Close Eclipse or RAD/WSAD
  2. Navigate to the following directory replacing {User} with your Windows logon id.
    C:\Documents and Settings\{User}\Application Data\Subversion
  3. Delete all files under the Subversion directory
  4. Open Eclipse or RAD/WSAD
  5. Synchronize with your SVN repository
  6. If prompted click Accept Permanently to trust the certificate
  7. When prompted enter your Subverion user id and password

Useful Utilities: WinSCP

This is for those who haven’t been introduced to WinSCP yet, i know many already have. WinSCP is an open source SFTP and FTP client that runs on the Windows platform. It is free to use and has many awesome features. The graphical user interface allows you to easily drag and drop files out to your server directly from Windows Explorer. Since the WinSCP client supports secure FTP the files can be encrypted for security during the transfer. You can also save your favorite hosts and ip addresses in the tool for quick and easy access. The coolest new feature has to be the support for the U3 standard allowing it to be run along with other applications from a USB key device. For the impatient here is the download page.

Useful Utilities: Office Time

Office time is a great tool for professional who are required to keep track of their time. It has built in reporting, iCal publishing, and invoicing capabilities. Since I am easily distracted by phone calls and meetings it also tracks idle time and lets you subtract or place the time under a different project, this is by far my favorite feature. Right you can use the Windows version for free while it is in beta. There is also a Mac version. Enjoy.

Useful Utilities: Clipomatic

 I use this tool daily to cache text that I copy to my clipboard so I can reuse and manage it. Clipomatic allows you to create predefined lists of commonly used text for easy pasting. I highly recommend it though be careful as it will cache any passwords you copy and paste.