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WebSphere Commerce Hint: Content Managed Files

The CMFILE table in WebSphere Commerce 6.0 is used to store managed files along with associated meta data. Recently I ran into a situation where I deleted an Attachment from the file system by redeploying the Stores.war module instead of just doing a partial update. When the ScheduledContentManagedFileEARUpdate scheduled job ran I expected to see the file appear in the Attachments folder in the deployed Stores.war file but instead nothing happened.

After doing some research, I found that there are two columns in the CMFILE table that need to be updated to ensure a content managed file is updated when the scheduled job runs. The PROMOTE_FS column indicates if a file has been created on the file system, a 0 value indicates that the file has not been promoted while a 1 value indicates that it has been promoted. The PROMOTE_TIMESTAMP column records the date that the file was created on the file system initially. I used the following SQL update in order to tell the scheduled job to recreate the file.

sql>update CMFILE set PROMOTE_FS = 0, PROMOTE_TIMESTAMP = NULL where CMFILEPATH = ‘path/to/file’;

Sure enough the next time the job ran the file appeared in the Stores.war/StoreName folder in the Attachment directory.

Click here to learn more about managed files.


Catalyst for IBM WebSphere Commerce

The Catalyst tool for WebSphere Commerce is a tool available from Ascendant Technology that allows for the aggregation of content from multiple sources such as content management systems and blogs via standard web feeds. This content is consumed by Catalyst making it available for use by the Merchandising and Marketing engine of Websphere Commerce.

Current Features
Currently we support the following feeds

  • ATOM
  • RSS

Works in tandem with the Workspaces functionality in WebSphere Commerce

Content can be associated with Marketing and Merchandising assets

Allows integration with any content management system that can produce a standard feed

Future Plans

Support for the following feed types

  • Podcasts
  • Photocasts
  • Vidcasts
  • OPML
  • Yahoo! Media RSS
  • A9 OpenSearch